Workshop 2013

Londonderry after IreneAugust 4 - August 10

  • Question Assumptions
  • Reframe 21st Century Challenges
  • New Possibilities

After the Flood: Regenerative Design, Renewal, Resilience

Rural communities in Vermont devastated by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 are struggling to rebuild infrastructure and heal from staggering loss. The 2013 CCS workshop will focus on the Town of Londonderry, VT, which lost historic buildings and land that made up its center. Through an inclusive creative collaborative process new possibilities for a community space and place will emerge.  These may become a precedent for other flooded communities in the region and beyond.

Workshop participants, community stakeholders and national experts will together develop program options for a community park that renews the community’s sense of place, and as importantly protects the village from future flooding in ways that aesthetically, ecologically and structurally regenerate and conserve the floodplain.

Recently the National Endowment for the Arts awarded, our partner, Windham Regional Commision,  a grant to help support the creative planning process in Londonderry.

The six-day immersive studio style workshop incorporates and integrates:

  • Community memory, history and culture
  • Creative and performing arts
  • Structural engineering
  • Environmental planning and design
  • Permaculture and landscape design

Learn with Expert Practitioners

  • Engage with Liz Lerman, the renowned choreographer and performer and Richard Rabinowitz, a leading public historian in the creative process of bridging community values, memory, and sense of place with ideas for regenerating the floodplain and creating a community space and place.
  • Participate with Jono Neiger, pioneer permaculture and sustainable landscape designer, and Calen Colby, innovative and dynamic civil and structural engineer in reimagining the floodplain from the perspective of productive conservation, permaculture, regenerative design and sound engineering
  • Integration and facilitation of the collaborative design process will be led by Michael Singer, an internationally recognized artist and designer, and a core team of planners and environmental designers, Susan McMahon, Jason Bregman and Jonathan Fogelson

Transformative Impact

  • Recharge and rethink your practice
  • Gain skills and experience working on unprecedented challenges and opportunities
  • Collaborate on an interdisciplinary team and practice a whole systems approach to reframe issues and open up new thinking
  • Learn skills for authentically engaging community stakeholders and helping them imagine opportunities
  • Apply creative practice to new problems and new contexts

Major Workshop Activities

  • Understand site conditions, identify opportunities and challenges
  • Community research, public meetings and community events
  • Experiment with different modes of expression and community engagement
  • Develop program options and diagrammatic designs
  • Investigate precedents for program options
  • Contribute to the deliverable – a report that will be used by the community to raise funds for implementation.

Who Should Apply?

CCS is for those, who want to experience fundamentally different ways of thinking and experience an approach to problem solving that is holistic, interdisciplinary, collaborative, socially engaged and ultimately creative.

Working professionals | Postgraduates | Qualified advanced undergraduates

Relevant Fields

  • Environmental studies, environmental sciences
  • Landscape architecture, architecture, ecological restoration
  • Architecture, planning
  • Engineering
  • Municipal and state government
  • Arts and design
  • Public history and social sciences

Advance Your Career

  • Be on the team that generates solutions
  • Broaden your professional experience
  • Expand your network
  • Build your resume

Graduate Credit

One graduate credit can be earned with full participation in the workshop.


Londonderry, Vermont is in the heart of southern Vermont, a colonial village along the West River. It lies on the edge of the Green Mountains close to Magic and Stratton mountains. The workshop will be held in Londonderry.

Fees for Six-Day Workshop

Tuition: $1,375.00
Student tuition; $1,200.00
Housing and Meals (lunch and dinner) $475.00


Space is limited and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the program is full, or July 15, 2013.

There are three steps for submitting a complete application:

  1. Complete the information on the on-line form
  2. Submit a PDF file answering the following twoquestionst:
    1. Provide a short statement (max.500 words) explaining your interest in participating in the CCS workshop and what you hope to gain from it.
    2. Tell us the skills and/or relevant experience you would bring to the workshop, for example, community research, digital, communication, graphic design.
  3. Send current resume as a PDF file.
  4. Undergraduate juniors and seniors, in addition to the above materials, you need a letter of reference sent from your Department Chair or Advisor that describes your qualifications and maturity to participate in the professional workshop.

All submitted materials should be emailed to Dolores Root and the subject field should include the applicant’s full name.


Questions, information and applications please contact Dolores Root.